Sometimes, visitors to this site will ask me how they can further support my work. This page is my most common answer.

I got into writing because of the apes I worked with. I felt that I could reach more people and do more good through that medium than through a purely scientific approach. The apes taught me so much and I wanted others to know the people who lived inside those nonhuman bodies. Your time and openness is all the support I could ask for. However, apes and many other species are in dire need of as much assistance as they can get. So, if any of my work has moved you and you want to do something, please consider donating or supporting the apes who have helped shape me and my work.

The following are organizations who care for and/or protect some of my ape friends:

Ape Initiative (Formerly Great Ape Trust of Iowa)— Regardless of the complexities in my relationship with the humans involved, this is where the bonobos I worked with live and they deserve only the best.

Center for Great Apes (CGA) Is a home for numerous chimps and orangutans, many of whom were saved from awful situations. They do good work and care for a lot of people. CGA is also the current home to Allie and Popi, two of my orangutans friends.

Goualougo Triangle Ape Project (GTAP) The field project/team where my wife researches chimpanzee culture, tool use, and conservation.

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)— An international conversation organization that works in some of the most imperiled habitats in the world. They support the field site where my wife works.

Fongoli Savanna Chimpanzee Project — Field site of my former thesis advisor. The project studies chimpanzees and works to increase conservation through local educational programs via the Neighbor Ape program.

Your local accredited zoo.

There are many good organizations, doing similarly important work, who could use whatever help you can provide. This is just a sample of the ones I have personal ties to. Thank you for your interest and continued compassion.