“Eclipse” live at The Sun

My latest essay, of the aforementioned TBA acceptance letter, is now live at The Sun Magazine. (Found here in its entirety.) I just reread it and the words felt new to me even if the events did not. Like someone else had been writing about my life. I wrote the piece to power through my grief and take me outside of the moment and myself. Guess it worked.

Over the holidays, I missed Maynard a lot. I kept forgetting our new normal. That when we returned from one family event or another, there would just be one dog waiting to be let out, not two. I’m thankful that he’s been extended to others through this piece.

The headlines haven’t really let up yet, but I’m hoping that this new 2018 will bring more light to all.

2 thoughts on ““Eclipse” live at The Sun

  1. I saw Rilla Askew’s link to your essay. I loved it, even though (or maybe because) it broke my heart. I’m a cat person, but I’ve always loved dogs, too. And there are always those special ones who grab our hearts tight and help get us through certain parts of our lives. Losing them is so hard because it is about losing them–and so much more. Thank you for writing and sharing this in a public way.

  2. Just read your story in Sun. So good. Any human who is endowed with the gift of connection to animals is special. But only the extraordinary few can express that experience in words. Like you. Thank you.

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