“Nathan” live in Longreads

After a time of few updates, owing to a heavy focus on teaching and raising my daughter, I have some writing news to report.

“Nathan” is live at Longreads. I could make the case that I began this essay in June 2009. The first actual draft came about in 2017. I submitted it to one contest, was a finalist, and then did not even look at it for the next 5 years. It wasn’t until the last year or so that I was able to revise it again and start submitting. Over a decade of thinking about it and it is still so fresh in my mind. I miss him a lot, but I’m grateful to share a little bit of him with the world.

Soon, I’ll have another link for everyone. I also have an essay (about being raised in a house of guns) coming out in Consequence Forum this month. I hope it contributes (constructively) to the dialogue we’re having about firearms.

The last update worth noting is that I will be returning to Vietnam at the end of the month with my father and younger brother in the hopes of completing everything we could not get to the first time around. All while the country is experiencing its worst heatwave on record.

New Site Section- Ape Resources

For this site, I’ve tried to keep my writing and primatology lives distinct except where they overlap in my prose. However, every so often I get a heavy dose of brand new visitors who have stumbled on one of my stories (usually ape-related) out in the wild.

No Machine just led a flood of new visitors here over the past 48 hours. While I might be a little too late to catch that particular wave, I want to ensure that this site is ready for any future ones. It’s a fault of mine that I have not been confident enough in my writing to believe that it would resonate with so wide an audience for so long after its publication date. But here we are, years after I sent that little story into the world, and people are still reading and sharing. I’m encouraged and inspired by my readers who continue to gift me their time and attention.

But my writing is just one step. If you’re inclined, I invite you to take another (or two) with me. I have created a separate page of this site where you can, if moved, find worthy primatological organizations to support. If you enjoyed my story— any of them— and are interested in the nonhuman people I describe, or just apes in general, please visit the Ape Resources tab of this site. The apes and animals I write about deserve every ounce of support I can send their way.

To the readers: Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Continue to do good and be well.